Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Cupcakes from the New Book

After a small break, i got back into the kitchen today. Tried out two new cupcake recipes. I am tired, my back hurts and i may be falling asleep right about now:) Buttt, it was worth the effort.
It doesn't exactly look like the ones in the book, i'm working on that, too.
One chocolate peppermint and raspberry vanilla cupcake down, just about two hundred more recipes to go:)

But the main good news of the day is that I GOT A JOB:) A while ago, i've sent an email to the owner of a bistro-like place, of which i adore both the style and the food. And, luckily, i got a reply right ahead. After a cozy interview on monday, we sealed the deal and i've spent the whole day, today, collecting all the necessary reports and stuff. I'm gonna be working at an about-to-be-open restaurant in Nisantasi. I have no idea what i would be called since i will be working different parts each month or so; but i will be within the whole process inside and outside the kitchen, even outside the restaurant, hopefully. EXCITEDDDD:D I know that it's gonna be a tiring, yet incredible experience. Guess my luck has turned around;)

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  1. The question is; who will have the previlige of tasting those blondes and brunettes? :)

  2. i did!! :) they were yummy yummy!