Sunday, October 31, 2010

My nutella cookies

Chocolate Problem

I've been working on a lot of stuff simultaneously. Finding a brand name, finding a secondary brand name, designing a logo, choosing a product line, saying 'wth?! chill!', making bunches of brownies and tryin to come up with new bunches of brownies:) Then, i realized - on a chill moment- i've been parrying the blog, just posting pictures of what i've done. So here comes a new post:

Why oh why my brownies have to be so expensive?

For the last couple of weeks i've been making a whole lot of brownies, and the cost has become an insane burden that i was starting to wonder if it wouldn't be possible to make reasonably-priced brownies without comprimising from the quality.

Some who've seen previous photos may think i'm being quite posh both using Lindt chocolate and complaining about the price, YET, the domestic products we have are insults to the chocolatiers worldwide. If, for example, we think in terms of tea, our market chocolate is like black tea with actually a few drops of tea and a whole lot of hot water, with 6 sugarcubes inside- usually prepared by a five year-old:)


YES, i complain. But, thanks to Cenk of CafeFernando, the nightmare is over:) After spending hours and hours on reading his blog and all comments to his blogs, i found a name and number...I was finally able to get into contact with a distributor of Valrhona chocolates, from whom i don't have to get a hundred kilos of each product:) So yey for that and thank you Cenk:)

It's insane that you can get 100 times the quailty for lower the price. I do have to get at least 3 to 5 kilos of each type of chocolate i want, but the price per kilo comes down to such a good level that some of the cocoa-sugar mixtures they sell as chocolate become expensive, when compared:)

So, i'll go make some brownies now...

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I've realized that my blog's anniversary is coming up and i still haven't achieved anything, is this a sign of depression coming up soon? I know that this takes time and patience is of essence, still i find my self panicking from time to time. Although money IS an issue, and i surely am not one of those who are comfortable on that aspect; the main problem i find myself wrapped around is the vague answer i have to give to the question 'what do yo do?'... Sometimes, it could have been much more easier to have a casual job, just for having a job and a name.

I am still able to cheer myself up by what courage this takes to make such a bold decision without a safety net made of money, but i do find myself looking up to my friends and just feel withdrawn quite frequently. Psychology is a b*tch:)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Orange-creme Brownies

I've been developing an idea on brownies for the last couple of days, so i thought, why not accompany it with a new brownie trial:)

-original recipe alert-

It was about time to start developing my own original recipes:) I was actually thinking of a chocolate mint brownie... Then i thought of a no brownie today, because i had a kickbox class that kicked my BLEEP! on wednesday and was in more of a pain than i was yesterday - isn't this supposed to work the other way?-

So, after a couple hours of self-conflictions, i gathered whatever energy i got left, painted my aura with some lively colors and got out for a quick grocery tour. My dreams of a yummy chocolate mint brownie were blown away when i decided not to spend 30 liras on liquor, as i usually have a non-existent budget during the second half of each month:) So, i thought, what else goes really good with a heavy chocolate brownie that i have the liquor for: ORANGE:)

It all worked out smoothly, except the painful couple of minutes that i crouched to put it in the oven and ended up sitting on the floor from the allover pain of kickbox:)

Here's the result. We'll be indulging on them at Kanyon tonite, so any passer-bys are welcome to try'em out...