Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Misfortunate Event


you all know how hard i have been trying to get a scholarship for MSA and how especially harder it was for me since i had a Koc university stamp saying 'She's richhh'. I worked my way through it, giving some very intimate details to the executive chef to lay out my situation.


guess what happened?
I called him yesterday, as he told me to do, to ask about whether the scholarship is going to happen or not. After a couple of umm,hmmm, immmms he told me that he quit his job at MSA a week ago. WHAT THE...????? Just as my luck has always messed around with me, the joke's on me once more.

He quit last week and now nobody in MSA knows my situation, i'm just a -supposedly-rich kid applying for a scholarship. I called the school, they told me to send an email for application, and they would consider me among other applicants, even though it's a little late.

After these shochking news, i went through the stages of ANGER, SELF-BLAME and COOL DOWN very quickly, and then i started to look at the option of getting a student loan.


New Plan: I'm starting to work at a pastry shop right away. The second semester of MSA starts in about 9 months. By then, i would have worked in 2 or 3 pastry shops if things go as planned. By that time, if i still see getting the MSA certificate (actually the City & Guilds certificate) is a 'must', i will get the damn student loan, period.

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