Friday, July 9, 2010

Bad luck


i know i know, i literally disappeared from the blogosphere...


first of all, we still haven't completely got over moving, everthing is everywhere. Just got our tv on, and working on an alarm this week. But, i still don't have internet, because apparently you cannot have internet connected before you get a home phone line, and to get that you have to first carry your residence thingie from your previous adress to the new one:D I missed these subjects when i was growing up, so i still ask mom to do it:D


even if i had internet, my poor notebook is still down. I was just able to call Dell today, as they have this magic call center that can only be called from a land line. And i got the bad news. YESSS... my motherboard is gone. The -probably- burnt part is actually small, yet they say i have to change the whole motherboard. -Gonna be doing my research on that first, i'm not an easy customer;)-... So, send it out, wait for a bill proposition, think it through, give it an okay and have it fixed and returned....i guess i have at least 2 week before i get my laploptop back:(


when i do return, i will be coming back with my new website which will include more sections obviously, annnnddddd it will be both in english AND turkish finally;) So wait a bit....

PS: By the way the reason i write my blog in English (I don't remember if i've explained before) is: I still do have a plan to apply the culinary school in the states in some future- at least it's a possibility- and for my blog to be a reference it has to be in English. That was my main reason for starting in English, but ofcourse i can do both and i will;)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Biscotti try-outs

Yes, it's been a long break, so i made a small bunch of biscottis to keep it running:)

Turned out good, still i donot like biscottis! I don't like coffee either, and they go best together...

Anyways the first bunch went to my dad, another i prepared for dear Feryal - and i even sewed the packaging myself, you tell from how tilted it is- andd the remaining to mom:) Hope they all enjoyed it..

Now that we're almost done with moving and resettling, i will be continuing my search for a master who will take me as his/her apprentice and teach me all...

Here are some pics

my new corner

the packing i sewed myself:)
almond, hazelnut, chocolate biscottis