Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day X: End of D Days

I'm glad to announce that this marathon will be over by the end of this friday. YES...

And as a gift of departure, I get two consequent double shifts. Who else would have thought of a better present?:D

Couple of things I've learned (both from the experience and the readings i was able to do at work) other than what kind of an ass I shouldn't be as a boss :

- An all-inclusive restaurant is a tough business and apparently that's why all fail here in Istanbul, because they just wanna serve everything. You CANNOT be an everymeal, anything restaurant. Specializing is of high importance.

- An all-inclusive restaurant with a sales section is a stupid job. You can never satify a whole day's client if you have only one kitchen and a dozen workers for wholefood sales, catering events, special orders, last minute special orders and the 'casual' restaurant orders. Evvvereything gets delayed. Go ahead and open a supermarket or better yet a mall:)

- Bad management> unhappy employees > unhappy customers > low tip rates> unhappier employees> lack of attention> worse everything:(

- you never have the right to assume anything if you haven't done that specific job for at least a couple of -very busy- days. Not ever...

- Customers are customers, they will want more and more. Having some principles elevates the quality of both your restaurant and your customers.

- Good food is a form of art. Accepting mix-matched orders from the customers is an insult to the chef.

- A good social circle can work even the worst of all resturants...almost:D

Anyways, i will be back into production by next week. And I have some plans and surprises. A late birthday cake and truffles coming up next;)