Monday, May 31, 2010

First Day of Sugarpaste Crafts

Okay, be nice, i'm still learning. The elephant, i'm pretty confident about, but the other black thing you may hesitate putting a name to:) It's actually a bear:)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Education is of essence:)


it's the first day of my first pastry-related education course. Okay, so it's a little bit short-term and consists of a very specific subject. Yet, 32 hours of sugarpaste decorating, i suppose, would be a whole lot of information, wouldn't it? I will be posting my comments on whether or not it was a money-well-spent situation by next week..


What else has happened? Thanks to my cousin's links, i've met an enterpreneur more than a week ago. I've decided to call him that, because he started several successful restaurant businesses - of those Kort Pizza is his current work- after managing some of the great restaurants in New York City. First of all, some visualization. He talk so fast, and his hands, arms and head moves even faster. It's like an Italian man on speed. It is a way, i guess, he uses to bedazzle you. And after trying to follow him for a while, you just wanna grab his shoulders and say: Chill! Take a breath! Mercyyy:). Ofcourse, i couldn't do that, so i've shut down my sense of vision, and started to JUST listen. He is so rich with information. It was enchanting, but also a bit overwhelming. His offers, too. Anyways, he gave me the number of his pastry baker. Coco, of Rococo Cakes. Said, she could teach you part-time and you would also work for me part-time.
Learning that she is the best ever in Istanbul according to this succesfull restaurant-owner, i've dialed the number immediately. She was out of town, i was busy, she then was busy. And just when i gave up hope, she called me and we met up.

And guess what? She is only a year older than me, has just graduated from Whirlpool MSA ( the school i will be attending by september) last year from the exact programme i will be attending. Her actual college education is on fashion design. She's been working from home after MSA, and then opened up her office about 2 months ago. I guess i know what you're thinking.. How, ever, could she be the best in Istanbul if she's only in the business for 2 years. And, obviously, she told me that she is still in the learning process so she does not trust that she can take a teaching role. Anyways, our conversation goes on and on, and we find out what? We're actually attending the same course starting tomorrow:)

I sure was expecting someone closing up to her forties, with a huge search result on google and a long-lasting work history. But met a sweet girl only a year older than me. Did not meet my future-mentor, but got a confidence boost by seeing a similar path getting such great compliments...

Sleep tight;)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

4th Year Completed

Today we've celebrated our 4th year with my boyfriend with the best breakfast ever, followed by a home-made ice latte...

I've been making pancakes since, i don't know, forever. But they've managed to come out differently each and every time, just until a couple of weeks ago. For the first time, i happened to write exactly what i did and the result was the yummiest ever. So, i made some smaller ones this morning to accompany the beautiful hormon-free strawberries i got and some hazelnut spread:)yummmm

The major difference in the last recipe i did was that i used brown sugar instead of white granulated (because we only had brown and i was to lazy to go get white). Guess what?! Lazy works sometimes;)

Anyways, then i made ice lattes (learned from the sweetest barmaid ever)... They are my favorite for now, because i finally get to use my shaker after years of resting in the cupboard. Why did i buy it in the first place? I am an impulsive buyer;)

PS: I will be attending my first professional course on cake decoration and sugarpaste by Zeynep Ada:) It's an 8-day (32-hour) course on bees and birds and flowers and trees:P

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chocoholic Ginger Brownies

My first ever shortfilm. I've literally worked the whole day for this. I've actually lost all the photos due to a malfunction and after couple of hours of research found a program to restore them, a little crisis:)

Hope you enjoy it:) i had funnnn


Today i received a 'balance exceeded' message on my credit card, while buying a movie ticket :S

As you can imagine, i am one of those who just cannot manage their finances ever. And, yes, I'm also one of those who still freak out when they find out they'd run out, like it was a surprise. STUPID is the word for it, i know. I kind of am when it comes to this issue:)


I have some cash, i'm sure is gonna run out in a couple of days. Have to make some money to get by till the end of may.


A bakesale coming up? YES. I am thinking of something. Until i come up with a plan, it's gonna be a whole lot of paper-writing, translating and baking, and NOOOOOO going out. Except maybe for saturdays:D

Does a good education, especially on a subject like economy, along with the supposed maturity that comes with the increasing age bring about control and wise decision-making??? NEEEEEHH...

I will survive;)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cococups Delivery

It took me a while to realize that i actually have the time to bake now. So, i went back into the kitchen on friday and tried another cupcake recipe.

Honestly, i really thought that it was gonna turn out to be horrible. First, i accidentally dropped an extra yolk into the mixture and couldn't get it out since the blender was already running, teehee:) And for some reason, that day i could not stand the smell of eggs, so it was all together a weird baking experience with a bit of disgust.

Then, when i was adding the coconut milk, i realized -halfway through- that the cream and the liquid of the milk got separated. From then on i was definitely sure that they were disasters. And the stupid idea held me away from even trying them out:) Just let the honest friends have a say:)

Anyways, after a midnight baking session i went to sleep and got up to prepare the ganache and spread my cupcakes in the morning. Missed the service bus for it and ended up paying a stupid amount to the taxi. What's the hurry? To have lunch with my boyfriend at his lunch break...

In all that hurry, i haven't had the chance to try them out, but they looked good; and were delivered to my dear friend Gokcen, and the always-hungry-for-sweets software developers of Vodafone Technology. Apparently, they tasted amazing:) My first coconut cupcakes with bittersweet chocolate ganache spread..


What games mind plays on perception?!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Craving for bagels again

I've noticed that there's not even a picture of my sweet sweet bagels in here, although i can remember strictly that i have written about it. Apparently i only shared the pictures in my facebook page. Anyways, here's a preview for you.

Who wants to come over for breakfast?;)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back to Life

The first free day i had, we celebrated with a beautiful breakfast followed by some incredibly delicious icecream... Maybe i should try icecream aswell;)