Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day Two: Construction

Today i hung around with my construction buddies a bit. Fixed some walls and stuff:)

Then the rest of the kitchen team came, late ofcourse, and we started on our main chores of the day like moving boxes, carrying chairs and tables downstairs, then moving some more boxes from the van; the usual culinary stuff:)

Then the owner brought her whole cooking library to the restaurant, and her library is huge. I went through it all. It has amazing books i will be borrowing later.

See, people don't know i'm a college graduate snob, except some. I'm trying to avoid creating a wrong image and finding myself in an evil lets-see-when-she-cracks situation like in the movies. Because the normal reaction of uni graduates like me is, as i've been told, disappointment in doing small chores rather than working their magic in the kitchen. And apparently, they leave after 4 or 5 days of work. Me, no. I'm okay with anything. In the kitchen, i am the one with lower education. SO, since university graduates are such a tease for them (i've actually experienced a conversation about it today. The conclusion was: ZUPPE:) ), i'm trying to blend in as smoothly as possible. Good work up to now. Like today, the top chef and the pastry chef learned about my education through Onur, while we were checking out the books(almost all in English). And we ended up making a deal: I'll translate the recipes for them and they will teach me how everything works, AWESOME:)

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  1. the job's gonna be easy on you evry other day baby dont worry.. see, u've already got a deal with the none-collegers heheh