Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Day of Work-ish

Today was the first day of my new job...kind of...

I went by the D corner in IstinyePark by midday. Early as always. See i always thought that being 5 to 10 minutes earlier would be impressive in terms of workplace discipline:) But the person to impress wasn't there until after an hour from our meeting time.Met almost a dozen of the staff along that time, mostly sincere fun people. The Corner is actually a much more cozy and relaxed place. There are, as far as i know, two chefs, a couple of waiter/resses and a catering director. It has an open kitchen, again, but it's much easier to learn stuff since it's a real small space afterall. Ofcourse, i could be feeling this way as the branch i'll be working is still kinda under construction. It'll be as much cozy when everything gets settled.

it was a weird day. The two kitchen chefs probably had their minds blown away by the busy period of the new place. They seemed pretty high:D 5 minute breaks inbetween sentences... So, we talked about a couple of stuff. Went through the menu, if you'd call it that. Then, they sent me to Taksim for fitting, which took like 5 minutes. And then told me to go to D Nisantasi. "Just go there..."
I did go. And the other new guy came, too. And they told us to "just be there", no idea whether they would be coming or not. So, we sat by the table in the cold cold not-yet-ready restaurant; watched the constructors do their work and try to understand what they were saying. Couldn't do that though it was Turkish:) The arcitect of the place asked if we were 'sheeps' or something, waiting out there for the unknown:)
It was hilarious really.

finally the chefs called us and told us to go back home, to meet again in the construction place tomorrow?!
Yes, i am still incredibly excited about the work, no cold-feet or anything. I only thought the day was a bit....different....?!

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