Friday, December 25, 2009

Xmas Dinnerish Coctail

It's been a long time since my last post, because i've been falling asleep when time comes to lay down with my laptop:)

Through this period i gave a try to 3 different cupcake recipes. One turned out to be really really bitter, almost like detergent bitter:) I blamed the baking soda for that, apparently you have to do some magic, add some juice to get it into action. The other one was good, cakewise, but the icing melted by the time i got to the car, don't know why. The third one was okay, but just okay. I say dangggg i was gonna take a picture right after i get rid of all the cupcakes:) So i don't have pictures just yet. Hopefully next time...

Anyways, today i worked the kitchen for about 7 hours, fatugied. We have a pre-new year's new year dinnerish coctail tomorrow, of which the guest list started out as 20 and is now 45. Hopefully some will fall asleep and get lost in the way:P

And, just like in every event we try to have at our house, my mom got sick 2 days ahead and decided to cancel once again. Didn't let her, which cost me 7 hours in the kitchen. I think all the things turned out pretty well, especially my sextuple chocolate brownies. We'll find out tomorrow....

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  1. sextuple? WOWWWW!! I cant wait to taste that one.. I'll be cooking my part tomorrow. Btw, I tried one of the receipes with peanut butter, and it sucked! Though my mom's friends and ece liked it.. I didnt.. So I'll try the white chocolate and cranberry cookies tomorrow. Hope that one works:)