Thursday, December 10, 2009

"THE" second interview

Yesterday was my interview with the academy for a scholarship. Bump, bump, bump...

As a private college gradute, i needed to make every bit of my situation clear for them to even consider giving me a scholarship. So, i did. A funny story about how parents' divorce can cause a financial earthquake in a young adult's life. Yes, there still an eartquake when you're older; it's just financial this time, rather than emotional;) How am i not able to pay the 'innocent' amount of 11000TLs? I'll tell you how: If you're older than 18 at the time, your mother is not the only person who's getting a divorce.
Anyways, i made the situation crystal clear. Yet, being in the middle class gave me a nice kick in the **s once again. I cannot get a culinary education, because i'm neither rich enough, nor poor enough. And even that is just an illusion, because i AM poor enough, but my image says otherwise. I am a 23-year-old college graduate with no job, no income and non what-so-ever assets. How much poorer can i be?

I am NOT undermining the situations of real poor people that barely get on with their lives, i'm just trying to explain this bizarre situation about education. And i do consider the possibility that i could be just a spoiled brat, But is it okay to sit back and obey just because you are not in the WORST of all situations in life? You got yourself a pricy education, now go get yourself a banking job and live with it!!! Is this really possible? I think i choose being a spoiled brat in this case:)


Using my big bright green eyes, and big smile of not 32, but 26 teeth; i managed to convince the executive chef to have one more interview by january and reconsider my situation in accordance with other scholarship applications. HOPE is still on my side people:)

Fingers crossed;)

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  1. Those cupcakes you made were amazing. The taste still lingering in my mouth.. I did the benchmark and they passed with flying colors :))