Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today i received a 'balance exceeded' message on my credit card, while buying a movie ticket :S

As you can imagine, i am one of those who just cannot manage their finances ever. And, yes, I'm also one of those who still freak out when they find out they'd run out, like it was a surprise. STUPID is the word for it, i know. I kind of am when it comes to this issue:)


I have some cash, i'm sure is gonna run out in a couple of days. Have to make some money to get by till the end of may.


A bakesale coming up? YES. I am thinking of something. Until i come up with a plan, it's gonna be a whole lot of paper-writing, translating and baking, and NOOOOOO going out. Except maybe for saturdays:D

Does a good education, especially on a subject like economy, along with the supposed maturity that comes with the increasing age bring about control and wise decision-making??? NEEEEEHH...

I will survive;)

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