Wednesday, May 19, 2010

4th Year Completed

Today we've celebrated our 4th year with my boyfriend with the best breakfast ever, followed by a home-made ice latte...

I've been making pancakes since, i don't know, forever. But they've managed to come out differently each and every time, just until a couple of weeks ago. For the first time, i happened to write exactly what i did and the result was the yummiest ever. So, i made some smaller ones this morning to accompany the beautiful hormon-free strawberries i got and some hazelnut spread:)yummmm

The major difference in the last recipe i did was that i used brown sugar instead of white granulated (because we only had brown and i was to lazy to go get white). Guess what?! Lazy works sometimes;)

Anyways, then i made ice lattes (learned from the sweetest barmaid ever)... They are my favorite for now, because i finally get to use my shaker after years of resting in the cupboard. Why did i buy it in the first place? I am an impulsive buyer;)

PS: I will be attending my first professional course on cake decoration and sugarpaste by Zeynep Ada:) It's an 8-day (32-hour) course on bees and birds and flowers and trees:P

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