Friday, October 15, 2010

Orange-creme Brownies

I've been developing an idea on brownies for the last couple of days, so i thought, why not accompany it with a new brownie trial:)

-original recipe alert-

It was about time to start developing my own original recipes:) I was actually thinking of a chocolate mint brownie... Then i thought of a no brownie today, because i had a kickbox class that kicked my BLEEP! on wednesday and was in more of a pain than i was yesterday - isn't this supposed to work the other way?-

So, after a couple hours of self-conflictions, i gathered whatever energy i got left, painted my aura with some lively colors and got out for a quick grocery tour. My dreams of a yummy chocolate mint brownie were blown away when i decided not to spend 30 liras on liquor, as i usually have a non-existent budget during the second half of each month:) So, i thought, what else goes really good with a heavy chocolate brownie that i have the liquor for: ORANGE:)

It all worked out smoothly, except the painful couple of minutes that i crouched to put it in the oven and ended up sitting on the floor from the allover pain of kickbox:)

Here's the result. We'll be indulging on them at Kanyon tonite, so any passer-bys are welcome to try'em out...

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