Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 26th of March - Sad but True

One good-working bartender of ours was fired this week. Another service member has decided to leave ASAP and the rest, including myself, is just counting days.
Today's subject:
The legal limit of working hours is 45 per week in Turkey. We work 9 hours a day and 12 hours once in a week, in a total of 6 work days. So, i work a total of 57 hours in a week. This week, though, i did a second 12-hour marathon because of a badly-planned catering event. Because we have nooo other person to go in our 50-membered crew, nor do we have the finances to get an extra (that's what they call a daily rented staff). So, they send my partner. And the funny thing is she goes only as a waitress. We are the only couple, by the way, whose schedules are strictly dependant to eachother.

Anyways, by the end of this saturday, I probably will have done 63 hours of work.

Our accountant was here today and I humorously asked him why we don't get paid for the extra hours we work.

-BTW: those extras are not a situation of 'CAN YOU PLEASE', but more of a 'YOU WILL, PERIOD!'-

What would you say his answer was? He lists me the hours he worked this week and says he worked a full 48 hours only in the last two days, so be GLAD!


Do I really look stupid? Seriously?
And when I tell him that the existence of a worse situation does not make mine more tolerable, he says it does. And the real annoying part comes later:
" Instead, think about the rights we don't expliot. We pay your insurance by your full salary. Noone does that. Ha?! If you don't like it, go back to a bank..."
I didn't know that I should feel gratitude for the things they are already legally binded to do. WTF?

Slavery rulez:)

Will I survive as a future-restauranteur if I sustain ideal working conditions or do I also have to get corrupt?


PS: I do realize that the working conditions are always harsch in Turkey, but all these could have been tolerable if a motivational environment existed. Your staff's motivation and mood directly reflects on the customer and in return on your finances. So just make them happy to make your customers happy... Am i missing out on smt?

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