Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 10: Is it sunday already?

Since my computer is in the safe hands of Dell service once again, i haven't been able to give you lots of updates through the week. And i probably forgot most of the funny stuff. But even if i had my notebook with me, i still couldn't have found the energy to write anything, since i die when i get home. I actually started to experienced the thing called 'turning one's switch off':)


This week i worked for 6 days, from 10 in the morning to, whenever in the evening(usually by 7 or 8pm). We started the menu trials-yes the place is still not OPEN-, so what we do is, cook the whole menu and find new things different from the other two restaurants and try'em all. 9 hours of cooking a day, it is innncredible. I've learned lots n lots n lots of things, techniques, ingredients, combinations, etc. I tell you, the kitchen of a restaurant is an incredible place:RESPECT!!:) I am standing through the whole day, except for the lunch breaks for about 20 minutes, and when i sit down at the metro after a 10 minute walk, i realize that i have never sat down that day and my feet are actually dead. And the amazing thing is that i am not complaining, i soooo love my job, couldn't have imagined a job so pleasant.


as i have found out, it is both a tradition and an unavoidable fact that everyone gets a cut in a new kitchen. So, on monday, i cut my hand with a....wait for it(HIMYM)...........DRAINER:))) Yess, you CAN cut your yourself with that, at least i sure can. After a thorough thinking, i decided that a cut by a drainer would not count, so i cut my finger (sliced almost) with a bread knife. And i've been strolling through the place proudly with my cut-finger whole week:)

Other than cutting body parts, we made amazing dishes, and i helped the exec. chef do his magic. The perfect pancake, amazing sandwiches, salads i would have never thought of and main dishes; pork, cow, fish, all kinds of sea creatures, a huge octopus....I guess we'll be going through the dessert menu by wednesday, fingers crossed:)

Lots of other stuff i remember saying i have to write about this, but get seem to remember them now. So, this is it for today


PS: The first thing i happened to do was to peel a potato. I'm real prescriptive. And i washed dishes, too:)

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