Sunday, February 14, 2010

Birthday Party, D Style:)

Last friday was the day that i died. Have you ever just stood up for fourteen hours straight? I have. See what happens after spending suchh a long time without ever sitting on your sweet sweet soft buttocks is that you go home at 3am, eager for the best sleep ever; and you just can't. I could not sleep for a full thirty minutes whole through the night, because of the torturous ache in my feet and legs, and of the fact that i kept serving charcuterie stuff to imaginary people as soon as i closed my eyes. And apparently i talked (more like murmured) all night:)) And, yes, i did go to work the next day, too.

other than being the most tiring experience, it was also the most exciting. We had 140 guests in the house, all the creme de la creme of Istanbul and a couple of celebrities. And, luckily, my post was the busiest. All the kitchen was done with its service by 11pm, but Gulden and I just kept serving up to around 2 am. Proscuittos, roast beef, goose breast, pate, all kinds of feet-smelling French cheese and breads... And also burned cinnamon on the side to level the cheese smell a little. I would have never thought the charcuterie would be such a popular spot. With all this, i experienced for the first time the great feeling of teamwork and what it will be like when we finally open up the restaurant. It is an incredible thing, the whole team in harmony; the service staff, the bar and us, the kitchen. There's no way that you could feel insecure among any kind of crowd with that group of staff. And i also realized that it is just my thing and an amaaaaazing thing to literally get your hands into your work. I love love love working with my hands. I always was a touchy person, always have a level of physical contact along with mental and visual; so i guess i found my second soulmate:)

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  1. Dear bizzarelifetriangle,
    I saw the very same birthday party you mentioned here on news this morning. Although the name of the place wasn't mentioned, it says there was a birthday party of a celebrity and the opening of the place is close.