Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting Ready

listening to Beirut and working on my new post at a starbucks.... priceless:D Don't really know why, but i absolutely love this activity..


as the school is getting closer, i'm working on getting all the necessary documents together. I've had my tests for elisa, hepatit b and c, and had that unaviodable 'whatif?!' panic until the results came:D Clean as a sheet... Then my college diploma fulfilled its duty by getting copied. Life's big joke on my mom, an econ grad's diploma copied for a culinary school application:) Got my photos taken, a hundred copies- this time, for the first time, i actually look normal. Beautiful is not a concern, normal is just enough; because all the passport-like photos i have look like i'm either about to get slapped or got slapped seconds ago...
Couplo more things to go and i'm ready:)


What i expect to get from this education:

I want to learn the chemistry of food, not just 'how-to's of main things. I want to be able to work without recipes- by which i mean not memorizing the recipe, but almost never needing one..

I want to be able to work out something from the weird combos of ingredients on hand. I want to be able to turn a cocktail into a cupcake like in Top Chef:Just Desserts, know all the flavor affinities, and -eventually- match up recipes with moods?!:)

Will i get what i expect from it? Probably not... But as long as it's not set on memorizing like our terrible school system, i know i'll get good basics for working on my expectations from then on...


  1. where are you applying bizzare ?

  2. Whirlpool MSA, it's here in Istanbul:) Mutfak sanatlari akademisi
    not at all like the culinary schools in like NYC, but more like a good reference to be able to apply to those ones

  3. i see. i can tell that you have developed very good skills since you started this website. well i wish you the best luck in your career.