Wednesday, August 18, 2010


After weeks of moving and its after effects, i've spent another couple of weeks for being lazy on work side and getting active in Hillside City; i am-finally- back.

And i would like to celebrate my return with a bread from my new book by Treuille & Ferrigno. It's an oregano, tomato and red onion bread: Pane con Pomodori e Cipolle Rosse. A recipe originated in Tropea in the southern Italian region of Calabria- i have no idea on the whereabouts of this place, let's googleMap it:)

It is not such an easy process, i tell you. First of all, i've once again experienced the importance of finishing a sentence when reading.
See, i've prepared my flour-salt mixture, dug a well in the middle, and poured the yeast-water thing in the well and mixed. But something was definetely wrong, it kind of divided itself into a thousand dry dough pieces. The sentence goes "...pour the yeast water mixture and mix, FOLLOWING THE SPONGE METHOD ON PAGE 54."

The sponge method, you fool:) So, i've started over...

You prepare a mixture then let it stand for an hour while it rises, then add some other ingredients and let stand for another hour. Then, just as it's risen beautifully,
deflate it with your fists -show no mercy- and let it stand for a-not-her hour...

So after a bunch of another-hours, you finally pop it into the oven, and mmmmm the smell that comes out after 30 minutes...

What came out, was not the most photogenic bread, but it's the soul that matters, right?:)

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