Thursday, June 10, 2010

Whirlpool MSA sugarpaste course

Here's my final wedding cake circus. It's quite colorful because we actually montaged everything we did beforehand on it. Yet i like it as a colorful bouquet. I don't wanna talk about the bride and the groom:D So hard the face part. But there are some ugly couples too, right?:D

It IS a hard job. Think twice when you ask for flowers but don't wanna pay much, it takes lots and lots of time, and patience. Some you prepare petal by petal, especially the lilium, i wouldn't make under $30 or something:D

A sad fact here is, in Istanbul: you have a price of slice, and you get paid by that. So it's a no flower, or all flower, you cannot change the price that much. It's a waste of hard-work. In the states, though, you get your cake for a certain price - probably lower than ours-, then any other decoration you wanna have on, each has its own price... Time for a revolution:D

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